2018 Agroprocessing – Cassava & Maize


The current administration has launched an Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) aimed at economic diversification via growth in the agriculture sector and other select sectors. Cassava and maize are key focus crops given their uses as raw materials for various industrial products and strong export potentials. While cassava can be processed into ethanol, industrial starch, cassava flour, sweetener, glucose syrup and animal feeds, maize in Nigeria is primarily used for poultry feed, breakfast cereals and by brewery plants for beer. Maize also has a significant volume of starch content which can be processed into additives such as dextrose and sorbitol used for pharmaceutical products as well as bioethanol, a form of renewable fuel used as an alternative to petrol to power automobiles.

Several African countries are currently harnessing opportunities in the maize and cassava markets – particularly in the continent’s breweries industry as leading brewers within the continent have created new cassava-based lagers, which has stimulated the demand for cassava in their markets. Maize remains a key ingredient in the brewing industry. A number of ongoing government programmes in Nigeria should improve cassava and maize yields in the medium term which should drive cassava and maize agro-processing.

This report provides a broad insight of the Cassava & Maize Markets. In particular, the report:

  • Examines the Industry’s size, structure, value chains and trends
  • Outlines key competitive tools pertinent to the success of a cassava and maize processor in Nigeria today.
  • Provides an overview of the key regulators and regulations guiding the Industry.
  • Analyses the Industry’s SWOT and provides an in-depth insight into the financial condition of the Industry.

Information that the Report Provides

  • The structure of the Nigerian cassava and maize market including operating dynamics of cassava and maize production in Nigeria
  • Volume of cassava and maize produced in Nigeria as well as maize import figures.
  • Demand for cassava and maize in Nigeria
  • The government’s fiscal interventions in agriculture including cassava and maize