2018 Oil & Gas – Storage


The Storage segment of the oil & gas industry has suffered grossly in view of import constraints of the largest business driver – Premium Motor Spirit (PMS). The reverberating effects of these constraints alongside harsh regulations and an overall weak macroeconomy has inhibited growth of the storage segment. Indeed, capacity utilization of existing tank farms and storage facilities have dipped markedly, and operators are seeking to diversify operations in a bid to remain profitable.

Thus, Agusto & Co.’s 2018 Oil & Gas Industry – Storage report is an assessment of the current state of the segment given recent market developments, regulatory changes and other factors which impact operational and financial performance.

  • The report gives an overview of the storage segment particularly providing information to financiers who wish to assess the creditworthiness of the Industry
  • The report provides requisite analysis of the strategic importance of the segment within the broad downstream sector and highlights strategic operators
  • The report highlights key developments in the industry and provides an analysis of pertinent issues


Information the Report Provides

  • The size and structure of the Industry
  • Impact of the macroeconomic environment on the Industry
  • Distribution/Consumption patterns influencing storage utilization
  • Regional peculiarities
  • An assessment of the Industry’s financial economics
  • The Industry’s competitive environment
  • The regulatory environment in the Industry
  • Key challenges, risk areas and success factors

In view of the above coverage, the report also provides an outlook for the industry