2018 Agribusiness – Soybeans & Sorghum


Agriculture has remained one of the largest and resilient sectors of the Nigerian economy. Indeed, agriculture was one of the few sectors with consistent positive growth during the recession. Soybeans and sorghum (also known as guinea corn) are important agriculture produce for the Nigerian economy, providing nutrition, employment as well as foreign exchange through export. Corporates use these products for the manufacturing of various food and beverage products in addition to consumption by households in form of various staples. Nigeria is also strategically important to the global sorghum market as the country is one of the largest producers. Uncertainties regarding tariffs on produce emanating from the United States of America could also enhance the position of other major producers such as Nigeria.

  • The report provides a comprehensive overview of the dynamics of the global sorghum and soybeans markets as well as impact on Nigeria.
  • The report also provides a comprehensive review of the Nigerian soybeans and sorghum market.
  • We also analysed various sources of sorghum and soybeans to the Nigerian market.
  • The report also reviewed the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Agribusiness industry in Nigeria with specific reference to the sorghum and soybeans market.
  • We also reviewed the various government policies as well as impact on the Industry

Information that the Report Provides

  • The structure of the Nigerian sorghum and soybeans market
  • Demand for soybeans and sorghum in Nigeria.
  • Volume of soybeans and sorghum produced in Nigeria
  • Volume of soybeans and sorghum imported and exported from Nigeria
  • Soybeans and sorghum markets in Nigeria and their respective operating days
  • The government’s fiscal interventions in agriculture including sorghum and soybeans
  • The report provides information on operation dynamics of soybeans and sorghum production.