2017 Solid Minerals Tin & Lead Industry Report

Overview of the Report

The report provides information on the attributes and performance of the Nigerian Solid Minerals Industry (Lead & Zinc), outlining the industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats, as well as the key challenges, key success factors and outlook. Aside these, the report further provides information on the following key aspects of the industry:

  • The industry’s strategic importance
  • The Industry’s structure and characteristics
  • The regulatory environment in the industry
  • Industry Economics
  • The Industry’s risk rating
  • The report provides key stakeholders with in-depth information on the industry’s performance, risks and outlook on future performance.
  • Readers of the report will develop deep understanding of the industry’s structure and the challenges that could confront investors and have material impact on the ability to realize target returns.
  • We have applied our expertise in credit risk assessment to assign a risk rating to the industry, which is discussed in the report. We believe that this will help investors and financiers make evidenced backed decisions on allocation of funds and setting benchmarks for expected returns.

Questions your report answers

  • What is the strategic importance of the industry?
  • What is the industry’s operational and regulatory structure?
  • What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Industry?
  • What are the Industry’s major challenges?
  • What are the Key success factors
  • Industry outlook, with respect to performance and risk

Source of Information

The data and other information used in the report were obtained from a combination of primary and secondary sources. Primary sources of information include face-to-face and telephone interviews with Industry operators and regulators. Secondary sources of information include third party research papers, Industry and trade associations and other print and electronic media.

Target Users

  • Bankers and financiers seeking to assess the creditworthiness of the Industry
  • Industry participants
  • Industry regulators and policy makers
  • Analysts, investors and other users of financial information who require a good understanding of the Industry