2017 Pension Industry Report

Pension Industry Report and Consumer Survey (Nigeria)

In spite of the macro-economic headwinds experienced in 2016, the Nigeria Pension Industry’s AUM grew by 16%, one percent higher than growth in 2015. Despite the contraction in monthly contributions, growth in AUM was largely driven by the higher yield offered in the fixed income market. Figures from our May 2017 Nigeria Pension Industry Survey reveals 12.1% of respondents have decided to move to another PFA when the transfer window opens whilst 35.4% remain undecided. The level of competition amongst PFAs in Nigeria is set to intensify, with the opening of the transfer window and implementation of the Micro pension Scheme (MPS).

  • Use our Nigeria Pension Industry Report & Survey for successful market penetration strategy and planning
  • Target business opportunities and risks in Nigeria’s Pension sector through our reviews of the latest Pension industry trends, regulatory changes, and major investments.
  • Evaluate the activities, strategy and market position of your competitors using our comprehensive industry analysis and forecasts

The 80 paged Nigeria Pension Industry Report provides:

  • A broad insight of the Industry’s operations
  • The Industry’s size, structure and competitive profile of operators (PFAs & PFCs)
  • A review of the  investment performance of PFAs, examining the nominal and real returns of the industry and individual PFAs
  • Information on the new annuity business and specifics on the inherent multi fund structure
  • Ranking and forecast for the industry and Key competitive tools pertinent to the success of the industry


The Pension Industry Consumer Survey is a 20 paged document which contains:

  • Information on the key factors clients consider in selecting a PFA
  • Customers’ viewpoints and motivations for transfer to another PFA
  • Key basis of competition going into the transfer window through the client’s eyes
  • Insights on the major areas of client’s frustration with their current PFA’s