2017 Online Trading (E-Commerce) Industry Report

Overview of the Report

 This report provides information on the attributes and performance of the E-commerce Industry (“the Industry”) in Nigeria such as:

  • The structure of the Industry
  • An assessment of the Industry’s economics
  • The competitive landscape
  • The regulations governing the Industry

Agusto & Co.’s e-commerce Industry report provides an in-depth analysis of the operational dynamics of online shopping in Nigeria with particular focus on the electronic retailing (e-tailing) which accounts for over 80% of e-commerce in Nigeria. In consideration of the challenging macro-economic environment, only less than 1% of operators have access to large capital from foreign venture capitalists and other investors. This report provides insight into the key risk areas and for the Industry amidst the reluctance of local financial institutions in providing patience capital to operators.

A survey was conducted which we used to assess the level of satisfaction and confidence individuals have in the Industry. This survey identified the major factors that drive the demand for purchasing goods and services on e-commerce platforms. This report highlights the key competitive strategies which operators can develop in boosting revenue and winning over more customers.

This report will be beneficial to the government and developmental institutions as it covers the areas in which e-commerce provides a means of reforming the Nigerian economy. It will also be of immense benefit to potential investors particularly as we have highlighted critical factors required to succeed in the Industry.

Questions our report answers

This report provides key insights and addresses a number of fundamental questions particularly:

  • The impact of the macroeconomic environment on the Industry
  • Opportunities in the Industry
  • Key investors in the Industry
  • Major e-commerce models adopted by Industry operators
  • Current and expected trends in the Industry
  • Outlook for the Industry

Target Users

We believe the information, analyses and opinions contained in this Industry report would prove indispensable to:

  • Bankers and financiers who wish to assess the creditworthiness of the Industry
  • Financial advisers who seek to execute advisory work in the Industry
  • Industry operators who wish to gain a better understanding of developments in the Industry