2017 Oil & Gas Midstream Industry Report

Industry Overview

The report provides information on the following:

  • The role of the midstream Oil & gas industry in Nigeria
  • Current issues affecting the growth of the Industry
  • The competitive environment of the midstream Oil & gas industry in Nigeria
  • The regulatory environment

This report covers the operations and role of the midstream Oil & gas industry in the Nigerian economy. This report also focuses on the transportation, distribution, storage and processing of oil and gas products. This report highlights the current industry issues and different regulations that are setting the tone for a new growth phase in the Industry. We believe this report will be able to provide valuable information regarding the operational dynamics of the midstream oil and gas industry and showcase the emerging opportunities that exist in the industry.

Questions the report answers

This report provides key insights and addresses a number of fundamental questions particularly:

  • The impact of the macroeconomic environment on the Industry
  • Opportunities in the Industry
  • Key players in the Industry
  • Structure of the Industry
  • Key success factors and key risk areas of the Industry
  • Outlook for the Industry

Sources and Limitations of Data

The data and other information used in this report were obtained from a combination of primary and secondary sources. Our primary sources of information include face-to-face and telephone interviews with Industry operators and regulators. Secondary sources of information include third party research papers and other print and electronic media. The study is constrained by absence of financial data of Industry operators. Most of the market players are private companies with no obligation to disclose their financial report to the