2017 Oil & Gas LPG Industry Report

Overview of the Report

This report provides information on the Nigerian Oil & Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Industry (“the Industry”) with special attention to the following:

  • The global LPG market
  • The size of the Nigerian Oil & Gas (LPG) Industry
  • Industry value chain as well as the domestic LPG supply dynamics
  • The regulatory and policy environment and its impact on the Industry
  • Industry economics, inherent risks and opportunities within the Industry
  • Industry outlook

The report specifically covers the Oil & Gas (LPG) Industry’s market size with special focus on the producers/suppliers and off-takers; sources of supply and demand analysis, price trends and its drivers; regulatory issues, procedures, licences and permits required to play along the Industry value chain; competition analysis and key success factors; key risks and investment opportunities.


Questions your report answers

The report provides insights and answers to a number of key issues including:

  • The Industry’s historic market size between 2010 and 2016 with estimates/projections for 2017 and 2018
  • The impact of the macroeconomic & other external factors on the Industry
  • Sources of LPG supply as well as the different key players along the Industry value chain
  • The various regulatory agencies/bodies, their roles and the regulatory outlook for the Industry
  • Key challenges and opportunities along the Industry value chain
  • Our assigned risk rating and outlook for the Industry in the near term

 Source of Information

The data and other information were obtained from a combination of primary and secondary sources. The primary sources of information include face-to-face and telephone interviews with industry operators and regulators. Secondary sources of information include third-party research papers, industry and trade associations, other print and electronic media.

 Target Users

The following audience has been taken into consideration in compiling the report:

  • Bankers and financiers who wish to access the creditworthiness of the Industry
  • Industry operators
  • Analysts, investors and other users of financial information who require a good understanding of the Industry
  • Regulators and policymakers seeking to understand contemporary issues in the industry