2017 Insurance Industry & & Consumer Survey Report Bundle


 Overview of Insurance Industry Report

Agusto & Co.’s flagship report on the Nigerian Insurance on the Insurance Industry with financial data on Insurance operators as well as two years of Industry is the only comprehensive publication forecast. The report provides insight to the Industry’s operations, size & structure, competitive terrain and the regulatory environment.

Key Benefits and importance of the report

  1. Provides astute insights into the financial performance of the 45 insurers covered, as well as competitive advantages given prevailing macroeconomic headwinds
  2. Provides data on current industry trends and issues
  3. Provides compelling historic and forecasted data as well as strong bases to support  strategy  discussions, particularly for players in the industry and financiers
  4. Presents data on premiums and claims, distribution channels, market forecasts
  5. Competitive intelligence about market leaders by business lines
  6. Ranking each insurance company across various business lines.
  7. Provides 5 years financial information on the Industry (2013 – 2017).
  8. Tracks key regulations, industry trends and opportunities.

The Nigerian Insurance Report includes:

  1. Impact of the Nigerian macroeconomic climate on the Insurance Industry in the near term and implications for market trends.
  2. Key regulations governing the Industry and our outlook on regulations.
  3. Analysis of the key business segments that is Reinsurance, Life, Non-Life, and Composite in Nigeria.
  4. Competitive analyses of each business segment in Insurance.
  5. In-depth financial analysis with financial data encompassing 5 years (2013 – 2017)
  6. Ranking of each Insurance Company on the basis of market share in each business line (Motor, Fire, Oil & Gas, Life, General Accident and Life)
  7. Outlook for the Industry and the Industry Risk Rating.

Our Insurance Industry report answers questions such as:

  1. What is the market size of the Insurance Industry in Nigeria?
  2. Who are the major companies in Life, Non-life and Composite in Nigeria?
  3. Have there been any regulatory changes over the past 12 months? What are the implications for the players?
  4. How is the Nigerian Insurance industry affected by the recession?
  5. What is the market share of each of the insurance companies and in which business lines?

What has been the key trends seen