2017 Insurance Industry Consumer Survey

Why buy the Agusto & Co. Insurance Retail Consumer Survey?
It will aid:
  •  Product development
  • Desired channels
  • Pricing strategy and service delivery
“The insurance industry is expected to earn up to $1.7 trillion from women alone by 2030, presenting a major new opportunity for sustainable and inclusive growth’’ – IFC (A member of the world Bank Group)
Questions our Survey answers?
  •  Key reasons for insurance
  • Key disincentives for insurance
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Women’s attitude to insurance
The survey highlights particular trends and opinions from the retail end with respect to Insurance. The trends border around insurance product offerings and services expected and received by various demographics primarily in Lagos state, Nigeria as an economic hub. The survey samples respondents with demographics cutting across gender, age, employment status and occupation.
The survey also captured some gender specific perspectives from female respondents to identify some of the unique opinions and concerns of this market segment. It highlights the untapped growth opportunities in the retail insurance market that can help industry operators to increase market penetration that will ultimately boost their profitability.